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Hand Stitching & How I do It

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Ron and Stitchin' horse

Hi folks, here I am, the one and only Ron Ross, on my faithful steed, Stitchinhorse. The object of this page is to show how I perform the operation of Hand Sewing or Stitching. In the following pics, I will show how I prepare the thread, poke the stitching holes and actually do the stitching, as well as examples of the proper as well as improper way to stitch.

Using the Saddler's Divider to scribe the line upon which your stitch will be made.

Scribing the stitching line
Grooving the thread line

Using the Saddler's Patent Leather Compass, with grooving blade, to actually remove a small piece of the grain for the stitch to lay in. This method is preferred when stitch items that will receive a lot of surface wear.

Here I am using the stitch spacing wheel to mark where the stitching holes will be placed, using the stabbling awl.

Marking the stitching holes


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