Repair Example: Porter Saddle (circa 1920): Before => During => After
Labor charge is calculated at $35.00 per hour
Cantle Binding Remove old cantle binding leather and install and install new leather. Cheyenne Style. Carve or stamp to match pattern on saddle (labor at $35.00.  Time will vary depending upon carving or stamping on saddle)   $125.00
Horn Remove Swell cover, and cut new leather for horn cap and wrap.  Stain to match saddle.  Re-apply swell cover   $145.00
Saddle Rigging
If new rigging plates or Dees are required, the style and material of the hardware will vary. The prices quoted are based upon being able to use the original hardware.    
To replace the leather on In-skirt style rigging, replacing on both sides of the front of the skirts $175.00
  To replace the leather on the rear inskirt rigging on both sides of the rear of the skirts   $125.00
Replace Padded Seat Remove old padded seat leather and replace with new leather and closed cell foam.  Leather to be of customer's choice of either rough out or smooth grain     $225.00
Clean, Oil & Apply new top finish on Saddle   $85.00
Restring Saddle with new latigo saddle strings (there are 6 strings in a set)
Labor and Material
Reline Saddle Skirts Remove skirts from saddle, remove old wool skin and pick stitches.  Replace with new 3/4 inch pile wool skin and re-stitch and install on saddle.  If the saddle has saddle strings, these will be replaced with new strings. Labor - flat charge $200.00
Plus sheep wool skin, estimated price (as price changes can vary) $150.00
   New saddle strings, if used     $25.00
Saddle Skirts New  skirts cut from top grade Wickett & Craig saddle skirting to match old skirts on saddle, and then lined with 3/4 inch pile veg-tanned wool skin.    
If for a dee rigged saddle, price includes materials and labor   $450.00
  If for an In-skirt rigged saddle, the price will be increased by the price of the hardware that is used    
Cinch Connecting Strap 5/8 inch width, with two Conway post buckles   $7.50
Stirrup Leathers Cut from top grade Wickett & Craig skirting leather 2  1/2 inch wide by 66 inches long with holes punched and straps edged and edges burnished per pair    $100.00
3 inch wide by 66 inches long, with holes punched and straps edged and edges burnished  $120.00
If installed on the fenders and then placed on the saddle, a labor charge of $35.00 per hour will be charged. If new Blevins buckles are needed, they are extra. 
  Half stirrup leathers that are 42 inches in length and are used on some cutting and pleasure saddles are available. Please ask for prices    
Fenders New fenders can be made, when you have a fender or fenders that have been damaged.  These will be cut from top grade Wickett & Craig saddle skirting to the size that you need.  An average size for fenders is 7 1/2 inches by 17 which is the main body, excluding the 'leg'. These are priced per each, in plain leather.  The edges will be rounded and burnished and they will be oiled. Price per each $75.00
Carving or stamping to match the saddle is extra with a labor charge of $35.00 per hour.
  Installation of stirrup leathers and buckles and installing on the saddle will be extra.    
Stirrup Buckles Blevins buckles with leather covered sleeves - all widths  per pair $17.50
Fender Hobbles cut from Wickett & Craig leveled skirting leather and fitted with a stainless steel center bar buckle per pair $8.50
Flank Cinch Billets cut from Wickett & Craig skirting leather Single thickness which measure 1 3/4 inch by 27 inches in length and have a leather loop end.  All edges are edged, burnished and oiled. Price per each $19.50
  Doubled and sewn with choice of loop end or string tie.  All edges burnished and strap is oiled.  Price per each $29.50
Latigo Cinch Strsp These can be cut from Alum tanned latigo leather or from Veg-tanned latigo leather.  All edges are rounded and holes are punched. Straps are made in two sizes (length) 1 1/2 by 60 inches  $18.50
    1 1/2 by 72 inches $21.50
Halfbreed Latigo Strap For off side (right side front rigging)
Strap measures 1 3/4 by 72 inches and strap is edged and holes punched.
Flank Cinch cut from Wickett & Craig skirting leather and fitted with stainless steel number 999, 1 3/4 inch buckles.
Can be made in the following widths
1 3/4 inch width, single ply with a center bar buckle mounted on a leather slide, for connecting to the front girth. $24.50
2 1/2 inch wide, single ply with a 1 3/4 inch stainless steel roller buckle and the cinch connector
buckle installed in the center of the cinch. The leather has been edged and the edges burnished and the cinch then give a coat of saddle oil. 
  3 inch wide, lined and stitched, with cinch connector buckle sewn in the center.  Edges burnished and the cinch given a coat of saddle oil.   Long tunnel loops for sliding the billets in. These can be carved or stamped to match the saddle. $72.50
Stirrup Covers I can cover your stirrups with Wickett & Craig skirting leather and can carve or stamp it to match your saddle. These can be laced on,  or hand stitched.  Prices will vary, depending upon what you want.  If you have the stirrups the base price starts at $45.00 per pair.  If I furnish the stirrups, I will quote you the price, after you tell me what you want.    
Stirrups  I keep an inventory of metal bound stirrups, as made by Weaver Leather, in the Visalia pattern.  Sides of the stirrups range from 2 inches wide to 4 inches wide.  Inside width for your foot is 5 inches.  These are plain, without leather tread or leather bolt cover.   Please ask for price, before ordering.  I can install the foot tread ($11.50 per pair ) and the bolt covers ( $5.00 per pair )    
If you do not see your repair listed, please let me know what it is, and I will give you a price quote.
Prices effective July 10, 2014


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