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Base Price - Ready to Ride


    Rawhide Bound and Rawhide Laced Bowden Brand or Batie Custom Saddle tree, with 5 year warranty, your choice of style, seat length up to 17-inch

    Wickett & Craig top quality saddle skirting

    Inskirt or double dee rigging (flat plate rigging extra; see options below)

    Round or round corner square skirts. Skirts are lined with bark tanned thick pile (1-inch) sheepwool skin

    Standard 1-inch rear billets and flank cinch

    Mohair, 17 strand front girth

    Girth straps, near side, 1 3/4 by 72-inch with holes punched. Off side, 1 3/4-inch half-breed with holes punched.

    Stirrup leathers - full length, choice of width of 2 or 3-inch, with Blevins Buckles. Not Nevada twist.

    Breast collar dee - choice of location, mounted on skirt or mounted at front concho.

    Stirrups - 2-inch Visalia, galvanized metal bound with leather tread and roller cover

    Saddle can be made with screw in conchos or with slotted conchos and saddle strings

    Choice of solid brass or stainless steel hardware and conchos

    The saddle will be plain, smooth leather or ruff out, without decoration. Seat is smooth leather. Padded seat is extra, see Options. Saddle will be lightly oiled and wax finish applied. All edges will be rounded and burnished.

Base Price$2450.00


Types of decoration

    Bead with border stamp

    Corner carved with Sheridan style design, includes small design on swell cover and horn cap (if room permits)

    Half-breed of basketweave and floral carved pattern

    Full carved with Sheridan style design

    Full basketweave stamped

    Padded seat - overlaid or inlaid, top grain Chap leather, choice of smooth or ruff out and choice of color in brown, black, or tan.

    Cover stirrups with leather

    Weber Monel stirrups - choice of style and size

When placing an order, be sure to ask questions and please tell me about what you want in the saddle, as to the use intended. Please provide a telephone number so that I may call you and we can then discuss your order. Once you are ready to place the order, a deposit of $750.00 is required, for once the tree and materials have been ordered, this deposit is non-refundable. If you are requesting a special made tree, please allow at least 10 weeks for the tree to be made. In many cases, an in stock tree will be good and acceptable choice, and can often be had within a few weeks.

I invite all saddle customers, if they can, to come to the shop, where you can see your saddle in the stages of building, and can, when the groundseat is being installed, actually sit on the tree and check the seat being built, for comfort to you. During such 'sittings', minor adjustments to the groundseat can be made by using special knives, which can give greater comfort to you, the rider.

Prices effective August 2009


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